Our Oil & Gas Training Short Course represents over 30 years’ of process engineering experience distilled into 5-day interactive presentation.

It’s designed for graduate petroleum or process engineers in their first few years in the industry.  The course is run for a maximum of 15 students (minimum 6), each of whom will have access to a personal computer for classroom design exercises using a commercial process simulator package.

Course history

We were invited initially develop this course for the University of New South Wales (School of Petroleum Engineering), Sydney, Australia.    It was operated as a introductory course for 3rd year Petroleum Engineering students, to introduce them to the design & operation of surface facilities.

The course consisted of 3 x 1 hour lectures per week, for 1 semester (14 weeks).   The course was entitled “Design Project for Petroleum Engineers“.

Besides participating in 42 hours of lectures, the students were allocated individual design projects for which a formal report was assessed.   The design project incorporated the use of a process simulator.  Our 5-day short course for industry is essentially a cut-down version of this university course, but without the design report.

Testimonial statements from our 2005 university course attendees.

These testimonials from students were gratifying and appreciated, making the work worthwhile and rewarding. However, without the pleasure of interacting with, and passing on information to eager and interested young minds, there would be no reason to act as Guest Lecturer at the University.  Preparation of the course involved 200 unpaid man-hours, and execution involved approximately 30 hours per week , of which only 3 hours classroom time per week were paid.   A job worth doing is worth doing well.  However the University’s Guest Lecturer program is really something that is best done for love, not money.

“The course was most enjoyable and still sits among the most interesting courses I have taken thus far.   Simulation programs are becoming increasingly more the way of the future, the more exposure we have to them, the better we will handle them in the future.”

“It is probably the only course we have done so far that has had something relevant to my degree course”

“I found that while I was doing the project I didn’t know that much but by the end it was like I had magically absorbed a LOT of very good info.”

“I liked the real life examples, it made the course meaningful if we were to work in process facilities”

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the exceptional course that you presented to us over the last 14 weeks. I greatly appreciated the chance to regularly converse with an actual process engineer, during the course of my study. I hope that you enjoyed teaching us as much as we enjoyed being taught by you”.

“Thank you so much you’ve been a lot of help as it is and I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for me and for teaching the course you did”

“I found the information useful at the time and anticipate that the texts you provided will be far more useful in the “real world” than most subjects”

“The reference material was absolutely useful”

“I must say the final exam was very well set out, testing understanding rather than memorization and I really thought the marking was fair for these exams”

“The project was challenging and fun”

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